May 20, 2022


Becoming a Buddhist Spiritual Care Provider

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Frances Garrett Tony Scott
Becoming a Buddhist Spiritual Care Provider
Buddhist Studies Footnotes
Becoming a Buddhist Spiritual Care Provider

May 20 2022 | 00:34:56


Show Notes

A conversation about Buddhist spiritual care work with Joanne Yuasa, a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist minister who is also in training to be a military chaplain. Joanne talks about how she came to Buddhism as an adult, and about her experiences with social anxiety disorder. Karl, Wini, and Joanne share their experiences of engaging with Buddhist practice in moments of suffering and distress. They also talk about working in hospital clinics as Buddhist care providers, and about the role of practices like deep listening and chanting mantras.

All three speakers have gone through Emmanual College’s Buddhist chaplaincy program – Emmanual College is located in Toronto. Karl and Wini are just completing their Master of Pastoral Studies, focusing on Buddhist spiritual care, and Joanne Yuasa completed that program recently. The Footnotes series is produced at the University of Toronto, in Canada. See more at

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